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Our three most popular methods of textile treatment are broken down into the following processes
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Our Back-coating Process explained


We use a knife over roller back-coating method, to apply a  foamed FR compound onto the back of the fabrics which are then dried using a large and recently upgraded infrared and hot air drying system over stainless steel rollers.  

TEK use more environmentally friendly compounds. They have a high concentration of flame retardants so only a lighter is coating is required  giving the fabric a softer handle.


The Compounds we apply have been developed to deliver highly effective flame retardant results whilst still being REACH Compliant.

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TEK's unique lamination process

We have developed our own unique non chemical and PFAS free

flame retardant compound used in our exclusive lamination process that enables us to treat fabrics using carbon technology to flame retard synthetic fibres producing a soft handling and permanent finish.


Our lamination process which sandwiches natural compounds between the fabric and a non-woven backing cloth. This has the added benefit of remaining hand washable / dry cleanable without losing any of it’s FR properties.

Our two large lamination production lines are also used to apply waterproof membranes, stabilisation backing cloth and blackout linings.

Wet processing
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Wet proccesing in more detail

Our two wet processing production lines each a different method of application.

One process is a traditional pad impregnation line where the fabric is submerged in a solution, then a series of pressurised rollers remove the excess liquid whilst penetrating the FR, soil and stain or Anti-bacterial solution into the fabric fibres. The fabric is then passed through a fabric drying  and curing system which is more gentle on velvets and delicate fabrics.

The second wet processing line uses a new technology where the compounds are applied to the face of the fabric and then cured and dried in a pressurised Infar-Red system.  We have also recently developed OKEO-TEX compliant clear compounds

This is a new and efficient way of applying compounds without the need to fully submerge the textiles in the solution making it more environmentally friendly and requiring less energy to dry.

Combination Treatments

TEK's ability to apply combinations of treatments that work together in harmony makes us unique in the textile treatments industry.


We are able to combine any of these treatment methods to meet the requirements of our clients.

Flame Retardants, Soil and stain repellent, Waterproof membrane film lamination, Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial, Stabilisation lamination and more.


Our versatile range of different processes enable us to treat materials made from traditional natural fibres and modern synthetic fibres. This can be a combination of up to five different treatments, applied to the same fabric, changing a basic material into a technically advanced fabric. 

Combinations of FR lamination, FR coatings and wet processing allow us to achieve high FR standards such as Crib 5 and IMO on the some of the most flammable synthetic fibres, we can also successfully process the increasingly popular fabrics made from recycled fibres which tend to be more flammable.

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