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When you send us fabric for treatment it is essential that you send us a purchase order either via email or attached to the fabric.


To ensure our Goods-in Department can book your fabric in for the most effective and appropriate treatment(s)   

it is very important that the purchase order includes the information listed below.


Please see below a check list of all of the information that you must include in your Purchase order.    

  • Your company name

  • Fabric supplier name

  • Article/ Design name and Colour

  • Fabric length  (and width if non standard) in meters / cm

  •  Quantity of rolls being sent        

  • Full fabric composition / fabric content for each fabric

  • The FR standard you require the fabric treating to and the intended use of the fabric once treated  (e.g Sofa or Curtains)

  • Any other important fabric specs or specific requirements

  • The delivery address for us to arrange the treated fabrics to be dispatched to after treatment                                           

  •  A contact name and telephone number for the receiver of the goods

  • An order number / order reference that is unique to each order

  • The contact details of the person making the order in case we have any queries regarding the order

  • An email address for the shipping /tracking information to be sent to once dispatched 

Shipping outside of the U.K 

Any orders which you require Tek to send abroad after treatment will require a Commercial Invoice, so you will also need to provide us with the following information on your Purchase Order :

  • The HS / Commodity code of each fabric

  • The fabric price /value per meter 

  • The country of origin of the fabric

  • The Tax I.D of the receiver / delivery address



*All fabrics should be sent on a tube rolled with the fabric face side in, unless velvets which can be either way.

If the fabric face is not obvious please ensure that a fabric face sticker is attached, or send a fabric sample with the face indicated.

*When the fabrics are beings sent directly to us from the manufacturer or supplier please ensure that they include your company details and/ or   a reference to your order no, this will speed up the booking in process by our "goods in" department.

*If multiple fabrics/ pieces are rolled on the same tube it should be stated on the outside of the roll how many pieces are on the same tube.

*Please clearly state on the Purchase Order if the fabric is a sample order / sample piece so we know to carry out an in-house indictive test once the fabric has been treated to ensure the treatments take the fabric to your required FR standard. 


Before making your first order you will be required to complete a "New customer account form" and then send it to us via email to : 

Click on the PDF logo below to download              "the new customer account application form"
Click on the XLS logo below to download our "Purchase order form" if you would prefer to use our Purchase order form instead of creating your own. 
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