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TEK is a well-established family run textile finishing company, With three generations of knowledge and expertise in the textile industry. 


Our ethos is to consistently deliver effective and premium quality treatments and provide a high standard of customer service doing our best to accommodate each customers individual requirements.


The high-quality raw materials we have carefully selected ensure the fabric maintains a soft handle and feel, even after multiple treatments being applied to the fabric.


We pride ourselves for using the greenest and most environmentally friendly products wherever possible.


Much more than just FR treatments, We offer a versatile range of treatments and services with a variety of over 30 treatments tailored to suit a wide spectrum of textile structures and compositions.

Please see our full list of treatments under "treatments and services" for more information about the processes we offer.


Using our unique double treatment combinations such as "APNTREAT" or "GREENLAM" we can treat fabrics consisting of the most flammable synthetic fibres such as Acrylic, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyolefin and Polyamide to pass Crib 5 standard and a variety of other international Contract Standards including IMO.  

We are set up to take on any size order, our large production lines enable us to efficiently and consistently treat everything from small residential orders up to very large contract orders.



We use innovative technologies that we have created, continuously developed and refined over the last decade which enables us to effectively treat a wide variety of fabrics.

TEK have made additional substantial investments over the last couple of years increasing our capacity with the addition of three brand new production lines plus upgrading existing production lines.

The combination of our high-quality raw materials and efficient large scale state of the art production facilities, allow us to consistently apply quality treatments for fabrics to be used for most applications including upholstery, curtaining, walling, outside seating and much more.


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