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Our Production Process Explained

Stages Of Production


1. **Goods-In Department:  Your fabric is received and handled with care by our Goods In Department. Here, it is officially logged onto our system and is booked in to have the required treatment/s applied. Our Goods In Department will check the delivery note that the fabric is delivered with and then pair this with the Purchase Order which we require you to send us. Our Goods In Team will then carefully select the most appropriate treatment/s that are best suited to your fabric’s composition and construction.


2. **Batching and A-frame: We treat all fabrics in large batches for optimal efficiency and to ensure the most consistent treatment application. In the batching process your fabric is cut straight if necessary and then sewn onto an A-frame along with other carefully cut length fabrics from various customers. Our experienced Batching Department staff understand how each kind of fabric needs to be handled. To minimise the chance of creasing where the fabrics are joined / sewed together we always batch fabrics in width order.


3. **Necessary Treatments: Your fabric goes through the required treatment/s, executed with precision on our advanced machinery operated by our experienced and knowledgeable production staff. Tek continue to innovate and use environmentally friendly compounds to achieve the best possible handle and finish while delivering excellent performance to meet your requirements.


4. **De-batching and Quality Control: Once the required treatment/s have been completed, the fabrics on the A-frame are carefully rolled and split back down into individual rolls, and meticulously examined for quality. Our stringent quality control ensures that high standards are maintained with the treatments that have been applied. It is in the de-batching process that we measure the linear meterage/ length of each roll using our de-batching tables, this is the meterage that you will be invoiced for.


5. **Careful Packaging: The fabric is then packaged using the most appropriate packaging materials, preserving its structural integrity and quality. We will always re-use the same boxes and suspension hangers wherever possible.  If the fabrics are delivered to us in plastic packaging, we will normally re-package the fabric in new clear plastic to ensure the fabric is protected as well as possible – our protective wrapping is always made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials. We take pride in the care we put into every detail.


6. **Destination Delivery: Finally, your treated fabric is dispatched to its designated location as specified on your Purchase Order ensuring it reaches you or your desired destination. We send all shipments on either DHL or UPS depending on where the fabric needs to be shipped to. Once your fabric has been dispatched you should receive an automated email from the shipping company including the tracking information so you can track the progress of the shipping, this email will be sent to the email address which we ask you to provide on your Purchase Order.


If you have any questions or queries about any of the above stages of production, then please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

We're here to guide you through every step, and we look forward to collaborating on your future projects.

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